The killer neuron

The killer neuron
(The neuron that bit the apple)

A new thriller mystery novel with a supernatural twist.

English version: Coming soon

Spanish version:

Google play books: La neurona asesina
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Para España: La neurona asesina

Kobo: La neurona asesina


This is a story that dives into the intricate ins and outs of the human mind and explores the soul of a murderer.

The original idea was to address the origin of good and evil. Do we all possess these two antagonistic forces linked within ourselves? Does the soul exist?
The second idea to be explored was how far a mother’s love for her child can go and how much she would be able to push the guilt on someone at such an extreme.

The novel will stir your mind, shake your foundations and force you to suffer with the characters in their struggle until understand everything, perhaps then you will wonder if what you had believed was true…


Sometimes life can be twisted in such a way that it seems that we are living a nightmare that does not correspond to us.

Upon arrival at his tourist destination, an intelligent but naive young man who loves role-playing games and is passionate about numbers and mathematics will be caught in a dark plot. The mystery begins five years before with a murder whose author will manipulate the crime scene by making it look like a macabre work of art that no one understands. The criminal looks to share his same passion for numbers and will leave behind a strange biblical symbol hidden for centuries by the Vatican.

Only he could be able to solve the puzzle, but he will not have it easy. A courageous mother will help him on a journey full of unusual elements that seem beyond reality, places that hide great secrets, symbols full of meaning and harsh judicial investigations. Without realizing that she might discover something more disturbing: that her son was not what she thought.

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  1. Hi Fran,
    I’m your great admirer, and read your books its a really pleasure!
    thank you for sharing your work with us .
    Big Hug,
    Diane Paim

    1. Thank you, Diane. The pleasure is mine.

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