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Welcome to the Fran Vives website.
Valencia, 1971.

Engineering and his attraction to know the limits of known physics set the tone of his works, despite being all of different genres: action, adventure, romance, mystery, suspense. They are usually combined in the same book. This, together with his obsession with psychology and the subconscious that moves human beings in a still mysterious, invisible and silent way, shapes the style of his novels.

Since he was a child he was driven by that great passion for writing stories, although it was not until recently that he decided to publish.

Joining writing with his passion for science allows him to create novels with which he seeks to surprise through some original idea and that move naturally on the boundaries between reality and fiction. Stories that combine mysteries, twists and unexpected discoveries, always starring characters with intense inner life and depth of feelings.

He also seeks for the reader to reflect on various aspects of life that science has not yet resolved, so that his books will never leave you indifferent.


The padlock killer. Suspense and action will be the key to this novel that is immersed in the soul of a murderer. A cruel and strange crime, numerical keys and what seems like a masterful trap that hides a great secret, will keep you in confusion and doubt. Strong emotions and surprises will follow until the last paragraph.

The widget Jaguar. A love story with large doses of mystery. It integrates suspense, action and a lot of adventure, with certain romantic and self-improvement parts. The best, its surprising end that you surely do not expect.

The last match. An intense short story of psychological tension emulating some of the writings by Poe and in which adrenaline will have its reward.