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Fran Vives has published four books that thousands of readers have already enjoyed. Each story is different and unique. His novels deal in many cases with controversial topics: conception, consciousness, the soul, evil, dreams, the subconscious, primary emotions such as love and hate. From very varied perspectives ranging from mystery to romance or fiction. Suspense combines with action, adventure, passion and the sometimes transitory madness of characters that usually harbor an abyss of feelings.

He is drawn to the edge between science and mystery, as well as psychology, which allows him to engage in a stimulating game with the reader’s mind. In his books you can discover murders, revenge, deception, re-encounters, rescues, unexpected discoveries full of interesting twists and bold outcomes.

As for his personality, he is fascinated by unique and enigmatic novelties and quickly gets bored of the frequent and commonplace, which can be reflected in the plots of his books. Thus, his pen is characterized by creativity, originality and the desire for the reader to discover a new, surprising and captivating world, never explored before.

Finally, his works usually leave room for spirituality, the beyond, the supernatural, that which is invisible to the eye, which has no explanation, which frightens and attracts us at the same time and which, even without wishing it, influences our lives to a great extent. In this way he encourages the reader to reflect on various aspects of life that science has not yet solved, so that his books will never leave you indifferent.


The killer neuron. Mystery, suspense and action will be the key to this novel that plunges into the soul of a murderer. A cruel and strange crime, numeric keys and what seems like a masterful trap that hides a great secret, will keep you in confusion and doubt. Strong emotions and surprises will follow one another until the last paragraph.

The wings of the jaguar. A love story with a big dose of mystery. It combines suspense, action and adventure in a romantic novel of overcoming. The best part, its remarkable ending, which I’m sure you won’t expect.

The last match. An intense short story of psychological tension, emulating some of Poe’s writings and in which adrenaline will have its reward.